The history of potatoes – what we know and what we don’t know

Just as we eat today one of the world’s most common food products – potatoes – we hardly imagine what it was before they were perceived as the main food in the world. In fact, until about 500-600 years ago, the vast majority of mankind did not know them at all. We have hardly thought...
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The magic power of potatoes

We eat them almost every day, they are often one of our favourite dishes, but when it comes to how well we know about their healing power, we understand that we do not know anything about potatoes. The truth is that they protect you and even cure some unpleasant illnesses or particular discomfort. Here are...
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Boiled potatoes lower blood pressure

Although rich in carbohydrates, potatoes are extremely nutritional to the human body. Potatoes are not harmful to health Although it is generally accepted that potatoes are harmful to health because of their high carbohydrate content, it has recently become clear that this is not the case. 1-2 servings of potatoes a day help lower high...
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